Press release

XIX Convocatoria internacional de jóvenes artistas

Alberto Beltrán, Camille Besson y Vianney Five, Luisa Brandelli, Julián Cruz, José García Vallés, Virginia Herrera, Christian Lagata, Cristina Mejías, Geray Mena, Francisco Muñoz, Nano Orte, David Ortiz Juan, Claudia Rebeca Lorenzo, Francesc Ruiz Abad y Hugo Vásquez

Luis Adelantado Valencia is pleased to once again introduce the artists selected in our XIX CALL (International Call for Young Artists) in an exhibition that will open on 29 June at 8.00pm. This presentation is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with today’s young contemporary art scene.

The projects selected belong to fifteen young artists, mostly of whom are Spanish, although many of them are furthering their career abroad. Four foreign works have been chosen, from Brazil, Mexico, Peru and France.

The artists selected for this edition are: painter Alberto Beltrán (Valencia, 1987), the French artist couple Camille Besson (Nimes, 1990) and Vianney Fivel (Chambery, 1984), who will present an installation, artist Christian Lagata (Jerez de la Frontera, 1986) with his photographic work, painter and sculptor Claudia Rebeca Lorenzo (Logroño, 1989), Cristina Mejías (Jerez de la Frontera, 1986) with her installation, video-artist David Ortiz (Alcoy, 1983), painter Francesc Ruiz (Palamós, 1990), as well as Mexican artist Francisco Muñoz (Tlaxcala México, 1987). Geray Mena (Medina del Campo, 1989) will present a photography project, as will Hugo Vásquez (Piura, 1983). José García Vallés (Sevilla, 1986) will exhibit a light projection-based installation and painter Julián Cruz (Valladolid, 1989) will display some of his most recent paintings. Spanish photographer Nano Orte (Sevilla, 1984) will present a mural installation, and Brazilian Luisa Brandelli (Porto Alegre, 1991) and Virginia Herrera (Sevilla, 1984) will display some of their ceramic sculptures.

This exhibition has been curated accommodating all the means, approaches and perspectives. Following last year’s initiative, for this edition we will also award one of the artists an individual exhibition space in our gallery’s Boiler Room. The winner of the first edition was Florencia Caiazza (Buenos Aires, 1982), who will open her exhibition ¿Cómo se conocieron? coinciding with this year’s CALL opening.